1. Is it SAFE to use WinSender?

Sure! It is 100% safe both for your privacy (because all data is stored only locally on your computer) and for your WhatsApp business account. Since the official WhatsApp APIs are used, you will be able to work without risk of being banned for your company account.

2. Does WinSender works with personal or business WhatsApp account?
It works with a business WhatsApp account. You need first to create a Meta for Developers account, and then add your phone number (if you already are using that number with WhatsApp in your phone you need first to remove it from the app and then add it to Meta for Developers account).
You can’t use the same WhatsApp account on phone and on Business Cloud API platform simultaneously

3. I see LICENSE EXPIRED window, why?
The license expires after 6 months and you have to renew it.

4. The program is not sending messages?
You have to put the Country code in front of the numbers  (+55 for Brazil, +91 for India, etc)
Do not enter “00” in the prefix of numbers!

5. WinSender is not working anymore, why?
Please be sure you have last version of software, go in DOWNLOAD page to download last version

6. I don’t see received messages, why?
Please read this guide: How to set webhook to receive incoming messages

7. I have problems to import csv file with names and numbers, how can I solve it?
Be sure to import csv with numbers in 1st column and names (or other variable) in the 2nd column.

8. How many messages can I send?
WhatsApp APIs includes 1000 free conversations per month. If you send more than 1000 messages per month, you need to add your credit card on Meta for Developers dashboard.